Craft & Nature is an accredited and established outlet based in Canada for premium personal care essentials that cover a wide range of products from melt and pour bases to bath and body bases. With Craft & Nature's products and services, we strive to make your vision of leading a healthy and sustainable lifestyle a reality by closing the gap between the availability and affordability of authentic self-care products in the market.

Our goal is to bring a whole new face to the personal care industry - be it skincare, haircare or bath bases - offering premium products that not only cater to your needs but also let you explore your creative side by coming up with your own signature products!

Know more about Craft & Nature's story that primed it to grow into a major outlet for all your personal care essentials on a global level


It has been almost 18 years since we started manufacturing Premium Soap & Lotion Bases, catering to a handful of successful brands. We believe it is time to put a face to our products to serve creative crafters like you; hence, Craft & Nature was born.

Built on a strong foundation of manufacturing experience worth about 18 years, we believe that the quality and efficiency of the products and services offered by Craft & Nature should be made accessible to a broad range of brands, entrepreneurs and even beginners, who found their passion in creating hand-made products! From manufacturing graded Soap and Lotion Bases to developing a wide range of skincare, haircare, bath and shower essentials, our key focus has always been, and will always be, to offer premium products and services that you look for, making them available at reasonable pricing.


From development to customer satisfaction, focusing on a well-thought-out portfolio of products has always been the key to our success. We value the exclusivity of our products, which are carefully formulated using high-quality and effective ingredients.

At Craft & Nature, we aim to uphold a successful customer-centric brand by ensuring that you find the perfect product, specifically formulated according to your needs. We believe in developing products that help you rediscover yourself in the most wholesome and beneficial way, making the products that not only just work for you, but also bring out the best of your passion and creativity in crafting.

Factory Bulk Pricing

Whether you are a hobbyist or an entrepreneur, we understand that your love and passion are the fuel behind your fabulous creations. That is why we believe you deserve a lot more than just wholesale pricing. The pleasant unboxing of your packages or selling your final products on our website only scratches the surface when it comes to your experience with us.

Our services are all about customer satisfaction and happiness. Right from product formulation to marketing to receiving the products at your doorstep, we strive to make sure that you are offered the best of Craft & Nature's service at each stage. Being a brand that nurtures a vision of a customer-oriented retail experience, we believe that services offered by Craft & Nature must speak for the core values and standards it upholds. Through our personal care products, we hope to mould a warm and pleasant connection with you, your needs and your likes.

Envision a healthy lifestyle with Craft & Nature

Eco-friendly and efficient

Being an accredited established outlet for all your self-care essentials, we believe that industrial progress and preservation of nature must go hand in hand. At Craft & Nature, we aim to combine the idea of craft and creation by harnessing nature's beneficial assets, all while protecting and looking out for our environment and its resources. And that is why, products manufactured at Craft & Nature are not only safe for the environment, but the entire process of formulation and testing is free of GMO and animal testing of any kind. 

Based on the best of nature's ingredients

With the new and improved notions of leading a healthy, natural and economic lifestyle that is influencing the global market, we, at Craft & Nature, have made it our top priority to develop products that are entirely based on vegetable glycerin and other naturally derived ingredients, without compromising the quality and shelf life of the products. That being said, we guarantee a shelf life of up to two years for Craft & Nature's products, making them a lot more efficient and economic for you.

Free from harsh chemicals

From curating an exclusive ingredient list to selecting beneficial quality ingredients, we focus on the hallmark and individuality of the products, making them safe and efficient for long-term use. Not only are they lab tested for potential usage hazards and reactions, but they're also free of paraben and other harsh chemical components that might affect your health in the long run.